Training: Oct. 25 2015

I’ve had this site for years and never really known what the hell to do with it, but since it is now essentially a graveyard of a few old posts and little to no actual traffic, I think I’ll treat it as a diary for my training, under the assumption that no one will ever read it anyway.

Truth be told, over this past year, I’ve had my most successful span of training and competition. In February, I broke the all-time raw (no wraps) world record at 148 (1482, a record that has since been broken); afterwards, I made the move up to 165, put my knee wraps back on, and totaled 1603 in my first meet. I made it into the top-20 all-time in my first go-around, had meets in two weight classes with a Wilks of 520+, and upped my total from 1388 in the fall of ’14 to 1603 in the fall of ’15.

With all that said, I’m less interested than ever in powerlifting, and sometimes I have to be creative to find ways to rekindle my passion. I still appreciate and enjoy training, but my relationship to it has changed over the years. So, a diary will give me a chance for self-reflection at a time in my life in which it doesn’t otherwise exist.

Today, I just did some easy reverse-band squats. I started at 405 and went back to Thompson-style progression (something I’ve done in the past when I’m nursing a boo-boo), taking 20-pound jumps until 505×5. I just went up until I felt like I was starting to lose technique, then called it a day. Outside of that, I ran through the McGill big 3 before my squats (bird dogs, McGill crunches, and side planks), and that helped reduce discomfort greatly! I actually also did my first elbows-and-toes plank for time afterwards, clocking in at 5:06. Not bad, but I should probably train this weekly.


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